A Rant About TV, and 15 Better Uses of Your Time



Lately I’ve been watching less and less TV. Mainly because the content is so troubling. Also because I’ve committed to finding better things to do with my time. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy curling up on my couch with a blanket and my mug of coffee, and binge watching my favorite shows that I’ve saved on my DVR. (My husband makes fun of me for some of the ridiculous shows that I watch, which is why I have to record them and watch them when he’s either sleeping or not home!). I admit, I am a reality show junkie, and I have certainly indulged in my fair share of mindless nonsense entertainment.

But as I take a look at some of the images swirling around, penetrating the impressionable minds of our future generations, I can’t help but pause and reflect on it all. Continue reading


7 Steps to Translating Vision Into Actionable Goals


This morning I had the honor and pleasure of teaching a lesson on Goal Setting. My husband and I are part of our church’s Prison Ministry, and on the third Saturday of every month we volunteer our mornings to the important ministry of encouraging those that are incarcerated. Our program is very special to me, because we reach out to such a vulnerable and often forgotten about group – incarcerated teens. This month was my turn to minister, and hours later I am still in awe at the way the Lord imparted a message of hope, faith and vision to these young men. Continue reading

Sex Toys at Church?

Woman With Hand Over Her Mouth

Last month I attended a women’s conference with my Mother, held at my parent’s church, that was life changing for me. Under the theme “Empower Me: Women Working on Perceptions, Potential and Pursuits”, this conference touched on everything from business and legacy planning, to self-image, social circles, sex and marriage. The two-day event exposed the snares that many women face in life, trying to juggle it all, and offered a course for success. Session after session forced me to think introspectively about the role that I personally play in my family’s physical, financial, emotional, social and spiritual well-being. Yes, my husband and I are “one”, and we are certainly a team – but I was forced to examine my personal stake in things. To approach my role as Wife and Mother with new vigor. To propel the best parts of myself to the forefront of my life. Continue reading

My New Paleo-ish Lifestyle


I’m getting my sexy back…starting with my energy, my mood and my health!

About a month ago I started my venture down the road of Paleo. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Paleo, it’s essentially eating like our ancestors did. Some even call it the Caveman Diet. It’s a low carb, high protein, high fruit and veggie diet – but different from the ever famous Atkins that actually places restrictions on your fruit and vegetable intake. I actually don’t like to refer to Paleo eating as a diet though, because I really view it as a lifestyle.  Continue reading

Why Did We Stop Dreaming?


20 Tips from a Self-Made Billionaire that Will Get You Dreaming Again!

I recently attended a wealth building workshop, and this question was posed to the crowd by the speaker: Why did we stop dreaming?

With blank stares, we all sat there scratching our heads, trying to muster up visions of our own dreams that have long been hidden, buried and locked away somewhere. Sure, we all have dreams…don’t we? Continue reading