“5 Minute Friday”: Finishing


Lisa-Jo Baker began this week’s “Five Minute Friday” post with this: “We tend to think that starting is the hardest part of the story. I think it’s finishing.” I couldn’t agree more.

Right now I am about shoulder deep in planning for my church’s annual school supplies drive. With thoughts of those precious little ones that we are endeavoring to bless…I focus on finishing the work the Lord appointed me to do in His name.

While we didn’t reach our goal of raising $4500 to support 300 children this year, we press on and praise God and are excited about the $1000 He blessed us to raise. With this money, and the support of another community group that is going to make a large donation of book bags and supplies to us, we hope to help 150 children from low income families start the school year with the necessary items they need.

The next few weeks will be filled with final calls for donations, scheduling deliveries and pick ups, sorting supplies, stuffing book bags and setting up. Alas…the finish!

As we press on to accomplish this worthy cause, I just want to take a moment to ask my blogging buddies and readers for help. If you can, if you feel led to, please consider making a donation to this great cause. We serve children in Trenton, NJ – a city that struggles with poverty, crime, and horrifically high drop out rates.

As we assemble and pray over each book bag, my sincere hope is that these children will not be forgotten, and that they will feel loved and blessed by our efforts.

For more information on how to donate, please visit my “Causes I Support” page. (You will notice that our GoFundMe page really hasn’t received that much love. It seems that businesses would rather mail in a check, and many individuals have simply preferred to give cash donations. If you’d prefer to mail in your support, please send checks and money orders to: First Antioch Church, 188 Pennington Road, Trenton, NJ 08618. But please don’t be discouraged from using the online site. It’s easy and safe – heck, Reading Rainbow collected millions online! 🙂)

Here are a few pictures from previous years…


crowd backpacks-final long line

longpic boys



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22 thoughts on ““5 Minute Friday”: Finishing

  1. This is such a wonderful thing Tiffany. We have benefited from a local school supply drive. While you didn’t reach your goal, from personal experience I will say you are a blessing to those 150 children and families you can help. Hope the distribution goes well for you!

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  2. …and in doing so you have laid the foundation for future generations to do the same. Care for your neighbor, no one can tell me it’s a lost art. You have done it well.


  3. Hey Tiffany – visiting from thee angel project – may you be so blessed on what God has laid in your hearts to do! May He supply all your needs – many blessings! Aliyah


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