20 Affirmations of Faith: Can I get an Amen?












I count it a blessing to have the opportunity to learn from such an amazing Pastor, and some truly awesome ministers of God’s word. Sunday after Sunday I feverishly scribble down notes, and in between the shouting and jumping from my seat, I manage to jot down some great nuggets that I believe God himself pours out for me…for us. So I’d like to share some encouragement, that I pray leaps from my notepad into your heart. Continue reading


My New Paleo-ish Lifestyle


I’m getting my sexy back…starting with my energy, my mood and my health!

About a month ago I started my venture down the road of Paleo. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Paleo, it’s essentially eating like our ancestors did. Some even call it the Caveman Diet. It’s a low carb, high protein, high fruit and veggie diet – but different from the ever famous Atkins that actually places restrictions on your fruit and vegetable intake. I actually don’t like to refer to Paleo eating as a diet though, because I really view it as a lifestyle.  Continue reading