20 Affirmations of Faith: Can I get an Amen?












I count it a blessing to have the opportunity to learn from such an amazing Pastor, and some truly awesome ministers of God’s word. Sunday after Sunday I feverishly scribble down notes, and in between the shouting and jumping from my seat, I manage to jot down some great nuggets that I believe God himself pours out for me…for us. So I’d like to share some encouragement, that I pray leaps from my notepad into your heart. Continue reading


Temptation: Strategizing for the Battle

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Once again, my mind was completely blown by last week’s Sunday School “Battle Class”. So I feel compelled again to share my notes! In case you missed them, here are two recent posts from previous battle classes on Salvation and Pride. Worth the read when you have time!

This past week’s lesson was taught by one of our Deacons, and not only is he a very intelligent and wise man of God, but he’s also a military veteran. So he certainly knows a thing or two about the battle field.

The lesson was on conquering Temptation. I’ve shared some key highlights below. Be blessed! Continue reading

10 Points on Salvation: A Quick 10 Minute Lesson



I was recently asked by my Pastor to teach a 10 minute lesson on Salvation.  I know, right!!?? Ten minutes on Salvation? Seriously???

This was part of a new “Battle Class” series, which focuses on various topics that many of us struggle with in our Christian walks. This 10 minute assignment was given to each “Battle Class” teacher, with no instruction other than to teach a 10 minute lesson on Salvation.

When this was first presented to me, I immediately wondered how I would be able to take such a huge and important foundational aspect of faith,  and boil it down to 10 minutes. I struggled for a while trying to figure out what my angle would be…do I just teach on a certain aspect of Salvation…or do I try to hit every point? Continue reading